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Unwrapping Your Gift By Rick Mekemson | January 28th, 2023
Join Us For Our New Midweek Series: Why Do I Behave The Way I Do?
Culver City Senior Center | Wednesdays 7:00PM | Jan 25th - Feb 22nd

We will be taking a deep dive into our Schemas from a biblical perspective. Schemas are core beliefs or stories developed about ourselves and others in relationships.

Schema Resources 

Find out your Schema : 

Short Version

Long Version 

Here is a link to the 10 day Schema Quiet Time Booklet on the dysfunction found in Genesis.

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Below you will find some helpful Schema Videos:

Emotional Deprivation Schema Video Mistrust Schema Video
The Westside Celebrates Black History Month

"African-Americans have been doing ordinary and extraordinary things ever since they set foot on American soil, much of which was never recorded in history books. Their faith, resilience, and creativity informed our ancestors to learn a new language, reinvent themselves for their own survival, and develop a unique culture that eventually influenced the world." - Patricia Don


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Westside Community Outreach

Martin Luther King Day of Service Westside

As a church, we believe in community outreach.

Partnering with The People Concern and Hope Worldwide, gathered to serve the community
in an outreach to neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Here are a few photos from the event!

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Slideshow image
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The Screenland Calendar is a fundraiser to raise funds for Screenland Ministry's Entertainment Productions to make future spiritual content.

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The David Project Web Series

Produced by Screenland Entertainment Productions in association with the Screenland Ministry & The Westside Church.

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The David Project  web series will bring a contemporary urban twist to the biblical story of David with original music, spoken word and a diverse cast.

Written by Pat Dade

Executive Producer: Steve Lounsbury

Produced by: Oscar Rodriguez

Co-Producers: Rico McClinton

                        James Kiriyama-Lem

Directed by:  James Kiriyama-Lem

The Westside Church will be following LA County protocols regarding COVID-19.

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