JUNE 23RD & 30TH

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The Word Is Enough

Sermon by Matt Webber from our sister Church in Boston!

Midweek 6-12-24

Lesson by Steve Lounsbury

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Special Missions Contribution!

Supporting the Middle East and the Baltic Regions.

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Special Missions Contributions
LA Singles Annual Summer Mixer
Hosted by The Westside Church!

LA Singles Annual Summer Mixer hosted by The Westside Church!


First 30 guests will receive an early bird discount! 

Please use the QR Code link or click "Register" to sign-up!

We are excited to have the LA Singles and Young Marrieds joining us under the summer sky for an unforgettable evening of fellowship and fun! 

Mark & Catherine Shump
Sabbatical June 1-Sept 1, 2024

After serving in this shepherding role for 11 years as volunteers (not paid by the church), we are feeling the need to take a break to focus on rest and to strengthen our relationships with God. (Click link to read more)

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Help HOPEww Deliver Clean Water Filters Around the World

World Water Day 2024

Spiritual Book of the Month!
Recommended Books

The Westside Leadership have referenced certain books in sermons and Midweeks that they encourage you to read!

Slow Reading Recommeded Books
Renewal Workshops!
The Way Ministry

Robert Carrillo and Michele Carrillo are a couple who have dedicated their lives to serving God. Dr. Robert Carrillo recently completed a doctorate in ministry with an emphasis on spirituality from Fuller Seminary and his Master of Divinity from Pepperdine University. Michele has been training in Spiritual Formation for the past four years. 

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Churchwide Text Communication

We will begin to use Clearstream to send mass texts: announcements, reminders, weather emergencies, devotionals, urgent prayer requests etc. Please use the link below to add or update your church community profile information, being sure to include your phone number so that you can receive pertinent messages!

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The Westside Church

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2024 Giving Pledge

As we reflect on the importance of giving and tithing, we invite you to participate in shaping our shared journey for 2024. Your generous pledges not only support our church's mission but also help us plan and budget effectively. Please take a moment to follow the QR code or click the link below and make your pledge for the coming year. Your commitment makes a significant difference in our community. Thank you for your continued support!

Please visit https://forms.gle/HVnGkktX3Z9Mk1U6A to make your 2024 pledge.

The Westside Church

Prayer For 2024

Dear God,

We thank You for all that You’ve done, and we look to the future with hope.

Our world is full of brokenness that only You can mend, so we pray for opportunities to boldly proclaim the hope we have in You.

We pray for believers all over the world—that they would be unified in You, loving and supporting each other. And for those  that are not, we pray you will bring them to us to sheppard, share the Bible, snd guide them to be united with You Lord.

In all things, help us to fix our hope on You this year.

Give us strength to persevere, courage to share Your good news, and peace in knowing that You are always with us.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Romans 5:1-11

The David Project Feature Film

The David Project will bring an contemporary urban twist to the biblical story of David with original music, spoken word and a diverse cast.

Please check out our newest sizzle reel for our feature film written by Pat Dade, directed by  James Kiriyama-Lem,  and produced by Oscar Rodriguez, Rico McClinton & James Kiriyama-Lem!

Thank you!

Please pledge a donation to help continue this project!

Donations & more information on our project go to:

Official Tralier