The marrieds continually Transform through group studies, date nights, weekend retreats, classes, and discipling partners where they can continue learning how to walk with God as two. Married couples develop with practicals based on biblical teachings to understand the true meaning of grace and forgiveness through the bond of marriage.  Through an abundance of classes and spiritual guidance, married couples have experienced lasting marriages based on the bond of their belief in God and biblical practices. The married ministry is one that helps to bond all ministries with a balance of leadership and humility while providing support where needed.

Connect With Our Marrieds & Singles Small Group Leaders

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Ivano & Sherlett
  • Marrieds With Children : Wednesdays 7:30PM & Sundays After Service | Zoom
David bobbie king
David & Bobbie
  • Mature Marrieds no Children: Wednesdays @ 7:30PM | LA
Nick elizabeth salvato 02
Nick & Elizabeth
  • Marrieds & Singles : Wednesdays 7:30PM | Playa Del Rey
Ben arleen fune 02
Ben & Arleen
  • Marrieds With Children : Wednesdays 7:30PM | Culver City
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Beau & Dawn
  • Marrieds & Singles : Thursdays 7:00PM | Santa Monica
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Mark & Karin
  • Marrieds : Fridays 7:00PM | Culver City
Cynthia magana mfpjxeqfb9m unsplash
Kirk & Jennifer
  • Marrieds : Wednesday 7:30PM | Culver City
Craig roz aron 02
Craig & Roz
  • Marrieds : Thursdays 7:30PM | Zoom
Paul charlene nagakuras
Paul & Charlene
  • Marrieds : Wednesdays 7:30pm | Zoom
Ben duchac 96dw4pow3qi unsplash
Rick & Heather
  • Marrieds & Singles | Wednesdays 7:30PM | Culver City