Parenting from The Tree of Life (4 -12yrs) – 10 Sessions
offers parents practical parenting strategies during these critical years of parenting.
Parenting from The Tree of Life (4 -12yrs) offers parents practical parenting strategies during these critical years of parenting.

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Parenting from The Tree of Life( 4-12yrs )– 10 Sessions

Parenting from The Tree of Life is a comprehensive parenting course that provides insight and practical application focused on helping parents build strong family relationships that leads to healthy outcomes for children ages 4-12.

We are offering a special 10 session presentation that will review and highlight some of the key lessons from the 18-week class/video series.  There will be two "breaks" during this course:

9/1 & 8 and 10/13 - No Class lesson

We will explore and discuss many issues and topics that parents find especially challenging:

- What does a "Life Giving" home environment look like

- Getting/staying on the same page as your spouse

- Teaching Moral Lessons

- Basic Behavior, Manners and Civilities

- The Parenting Funnel & Teaching Self Control

- Giving instruction that leads to compliance

- Discipline: Encouragement & Correction


Getting on the same “parenting” page with your spouse is important. So we highly recommend that that both parents attend the class together.

We also welcome and encourage single parents to join us!

Please note you will be watching each video session prior to designated class meeting time.  The actual online class time is dedicated to discussion, questions and answers, and additional teaching.

Registration (Click Link)

$65 - $25 SB Church Sponsorship = $40 per household and includes workbook (South Bay Church is paying $25 to offset the $65 actual cost of the class). Register soon! Registrations after August 11st are $55 per household.

Learn more about this class July 11th

Rich & Shelly Howard will visit us IN PERSON!


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